Personal/Spiritual Growth

Sharing of Purpose, For the Rest of Our Life:

I have nobody but you. You are all I really need Forever. In the past, present and future, all we have ever really had is this One thing, Our Self. We can be very greatful for this fact. We always posses ourself, no matter what our outer conditions appare to dictate. Whithin our Self, we always have acces to the wealth of knowlage called the "Akashik Records", the pool of all human experience, past & future. 


TIPS & TOOLS, that can make negotiating Life's Journey a whole lot easier and fun.

Working with:

1) Obsessions - (Enjoying it and don't want to stop).  

If you actually are Obsessed with something, do it until you are satisfied and naturally reach a healthy balance between doing and not. 

2) Addictions  - (Can't stop but want to).  

Be honest with your self and give the different parts of yourself a chance to have a truce and stop resisting each other and yourself respectfully negotiate a settlement that can be implemented in small realistic and doable steps.

3) Fear - Inhibiting or Paralyzing.

Be aware that more than 99% of our fears are actually nothing but negative fantasies will never happen and have nothing to do with what is going on in our Life's at this time. The most effective way to deal with fears are to face them, as soon as you can!

4) Desires and Wishes - (Manifesting your Deams).

Contemplate exactly what it is, and how you visualize and feel about it actually happening, and don't fall into the trap of feeing how it feels to want it and not have it yet. Make peace with the "longing" feel the excitement and start enjoying it before it's True.

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