Darshan-dancingDarshan offers sessions with individuals, couples, and groups. A session can be as short as a few moments to several hours, although an average session takes about two hours.

He also teaches mini workshops on specific topics such as: Deep Breathing, Working with Symbolism, Conflict Resolution/ communication, How to do Lomi Lomi Massage, Assisting others in their Spiritual Growth and more.

He is known as a teacher of teachers, but the Truth is We are all Teachers and we teach what we Do, not just what we say. The best part of his work is that, what one receives from it is useful immediately, without the use of willpower or force. He teaches by example that ALOHA or Unconditional Love is the most effective way to navigate through Life's many learning opportunities, in such a way that the warm glow of our Spirit seems to Light our way with Peace & Joy! People that work with him are grateful to have had the good fortune to do so and are often able to share what they have received with others in a meaningful way

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